Weststellingwerf is always on the look out for new investments.

If you want to become eligible for a talk to discuss your plans and to become acquainted with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. Send your business plan or a summary of it to us via e-mail. We will ensure a quick initial feedback. It is obvious that we will treat the information provided by you discretely.

If we are interested in you and your business plan, there will be another four steps after our first meeting.

  1. Further investigation in relation to the business plan.
  2. A phase in which an evaluation will be made and an initial agreement will be signed (Letter of Intent).
  3. Due diligence. At this stage there will be further investigation as to whether all the assumptions and facts are accurate.
  4. Transaction.

After the transaction the contents of a monthly report will be agreed in which apart from the financial data other KPIs are also determined. These reports are discussed each month and in this connection points of action are agreed and decisions are taken.

The monthly meeting is aimed at remaining bottom-line focused and enabling Weststellingwerf to offer as much added value as possible for the entrepreneur(s) by means of knowledge, networking and being a sparring partner. However, the entrepreneur will always remain responsible for the decisions of the participation.

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