Vision en focus

Weststellingwerf believes in entrepreneurship and that is the major criterion on which we assess an investment opportunity. The quality of the management determines the success of the enterprise. Apart from a personal 'click', being prepared to work hard, experience, knowledge of the market and bottom line orientation are the main conditions.

In our view entrepreneurship should include the management of our participations also running a financial risk. This risk is not financed by Weststellingwerf but by the entrepreneur himself.

We do not limit ourselves to a restricted number of branches. The past has demonstrated that it is possible to be successful in various branches. We prefer to invest in companies generating turnover and which are not in a start-up phase. Besides, we only invest in enterprises we understand.

We have no fixed exit strategy or period. We have held most of our participating interests for more than 5 years. Weststellingwerf does not withdraw capital from the company without having achieved a robust solvency.

The indicative size of our initial investments ranges between €50,000 and €500,000 for each participation. When we have had time to come to know the entrepreneur, the business and the branch, follow-up investments at different levels are possible.

Weststellingwerf is not interested in furnishing borrowed capital.

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