Former participations

Elmar Reizen

Elmar Reizen was established in 1996 and was the first travel agency on the internet. Since that time Elmar has been chosen several times as the best online travel agency in the Netherlands. Elmar Reizen offers various customer groups the option to book travel via the internet to destinations all over the world. This travel is organised by tour operators in its extensive partner network. Elmar has the biggest travel offer in the Netherlands.



De Vakantiediscounter was taken over by Elmar Reizen in 2007. De Vakantiediscounter offers the largest number of cheap package tours by air in the Netherlands to the most popular destinations all over the world.


 Tjonger Vastgoed



Tjonger Vastgoed owns and operates six port areas of approx. 90,000 m2 with offices, sheds and quays in Waalhavengebied in Rotterdam. In 2012 this participation was sold to UWT Holding. UWT is the biggest container depot in Rotterdam harbour.

Thereby UWT will be able to improve strongly the accessibility of the depots by road and over water and will create more space for CFS activities. The presence of quays and empty containers of almost all shipowners in the immediate vicinity make it technically and economically possible to transfer completely to inland shipping for the supply and removal of containers. UWT thinks it will be able to make a major contribution to reducing congestion on the A15.


Van Doorn Container Depot

Van Doorn Container Depot at Maasvlakte I in Rotterdam is a storage & transhipment company handling empty containers whilst also providing for their maintenance. Weststellingwerf bought this company in 1998. In 2006 and 2008 the company moved its location twice to its final location of 95,000 m2 at Distripark on Maasvlakte I. At the end of 2009 this participation was sold to the Van Donge & de Roo Group.


 Hotel At Work

In the beginning of 2008 Weststellingwerf established the company Hotel at Work B.V.. For two years they worked on creating accommodation intended for 400 to 2,500 employees for the new building projects on Maasvlakte I and Maasvlakte II. At the end of 2009 this participation including the grounds and the main building, was sold to the Jan Snel Group. The accommodation opened on Distripark Maasvlakte at the beginning of 2010.


Handico Terminals

At the end of 2003 Van Doorn Container Depot took over the contracts, property and customers of their neighbour Handico Terminals B.V. at Maasvlakte. These activities were also disposed of in the sale of Van Doorn Container Depot B.V. in 2009.


Overbeek Container Specialist

The activities at the Maasvlakte location of Overbeek Container Controle B.V. were taken over by Van Doorn Container Depot B.V. at the beginning of 2003. These activities were also disposed of in the sale of Van Doorn Container Depot B.V. in 2009.


Softpak BV

Port Automation International B.V. (PAI) is a software developer for branch-specific software for shipbrokers, forwarding and container storage companies. PAI started in the late 90s as a start-up of Verspeek & Soeters in which Weststellingwerf held a 50% interest and merged later with PAI so that Weststellingwerf acquired a 70% interest. In 2000 PAI was sold to ParNib (a venture capital company of the Netherlands Investment Bank). Later on the company was called BoxIT and is currently a member of Softpak.


Van Uden

In 2000 Weststellingwerf took an interest in Nedcargo. Nedcargo specialised in the online matching of forwarding supply and demand. Weststellingwerf sold the participation to Van Uden. In the meantime Uden Nedcargo has grown into a logistics company with a workforce of over 500 employees.



Over de Tjonger B.V., in the meantime a member of the Broekman Group, was a wholly owned subsidiary of Weststellingwerf and a holding company of multiple companies in shipping of which Voigt & Co (established 1857) was the most well-known and the oldest. In 2002 Over de Tjonger B.V. was sold to Broekman Beheer B.V.

In 2001 100% of the shares of Maincare Beheer B.V. were acquired. This company merged with the participation already held in Eemtrans B.V. and the third parties Wondergem B.V., ECH B.V. and VGC B.V., to become UCT B.V. in which Weststellingwerf acquired a 55% interest. UCT was sold to the ECB Group in 2002. UCT, in the meantime renamed UWT, is currently the biggest container depot and repair company in the Rotterdam harbour.


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