Joost de Ruiter

After he finished his business economics studies in Groningen and completed his military service, Joost started in the family business in 1991.

Various companies which were members of the holding were reorganised, made profitable or closed down due to an absence of perspectives, but new companies and joint ventures were started up and companies purchased.

Apart from being a shareholder in Weststellingwerf Joost is also a shareholder in and a non-executive member of the board of Bermuda International Shipping Ltd., a shipowner operating container liners from the East Coast of the United States to Bermuda.


Jeroen van Beek

Jeroen studied business economics at Tilburg University. Since 2008 he is co-director and shareholder and is responsible for the finances of the Group.

He fundamentally restructured businesses, did take-overs together with improvement and harmonisation processes and was involved in start-ups including building two new container depots in the Port of Rotterdam. He actively manages companies during transition periods. Since the end of 2013 he is involved in the new growth strategy of Elmar Reizen and dé VakantieDiscounter. 

Daniëlla Piekaar

After her pre-university education Daniëlla completed her training as Tourist Management Assistant at Schoevers.

After jobs which included technical sales support at Peekel Instruments and project assistant at the Recruitment, Selection and Training department at Secretaresse Plus, she came into the picture when she was working at one of Weststellingwerf's participations. After this participating interest was sold Daniëlla arrived to strengthen Weststellingwerf in 2002.

Apart from secretarial work Daniëlla takes care of the management and operation of the real estate and carries out administrative work for Weststellingwerf and its participations. She also cooperates in all kinds of projects.


Anita Speelpenning

After Anita obtained her pre-university education diploma she worked in various jobs in the HR department of Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen, later to become a member of Fortis. Anita worked as the person responsible for communication and recruitment & selection of an ICT department of 400 heads. In the evenings she completed the higher professional education Personnel & Work course.

Anita has been working for Weststellingwerf since 2006 and is responsible for all the Human Resources in the Group. Since that time in the area of personnel she has completed many harmonisation, relocation and reorganisation processes and the Human Resources level has been considerably improved.

Apart from Human Resources she also cooperates on projects not in her field such as market research and feasibility studies.

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